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Fill Out The Form For a Free Consultation

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Build Your Custom Plan That Fits Your Budget

Build Your Custom Plan That Fits Your Budget

Together we build a plan to effectively resolve high-interest debt with low monthly program payments

Graduate the Program Free from High-Interest Debt

Graduate the Program Free from High-Interest Debt

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  1. Our Texas Debt Relief services are typically 40% less than most competitors, especially out-of-state companies. Our program is exclusively for Texans. Talk to one of our Texas Debt Specialists to learn about our advantages and savings over other companies' “cookie-cutter” programs.
  2. We provide an affiliate platform to shop many different lenders for credit card Debt Consolidation Loans up to $100,000.
  3. We also offer an affiliate program to reduce interest rates without new loans and our Texas Debt Relief program to negotiate significant balance reductions.
  4. We can assist if you are facing creditor lawsuits.
  5. Phone and office consultations are free with no obligation.
  6. Affordable Debt Consolidation is 100% veteran-owned, Texan-owned, state-licensed, with an A+ Better Business Bureau rating.

Our Texas Debt Specialists assist Texans with multiple programs offered by our company and our highly-rated partners. Our affiliate Credit Counseling program can lower interest rates on most credit card debt without a new loan. Debt Relief using Debt Settlement negotiates significant reductions in the amount you pay back to your creditors. We also offer an affiliate platform to shop dozens of lenders who offer Debt Consolidation Loans to Texas residents who qualify. Any of these options will allow you to “consolidate” debt with one monthly program amount.

Debt Negotiation is also referred to as Debt Relief, Debt Resolution, or Debt Settlement. This method resolves your unsecured debt by negotiating a lower amount to pay your creditors and settling in full with a zero balance. The process involves setting money aside in a new special purpose account rather than making small monthly payments to your creditors. Each enrolled debt is negotiated and settled one at a time using money that accrues in the special purpose account until all debts settle with a zero balance remaining. The monthly amount you set aside is often less than half compared to making high-interest credit card monthly payments.

Consultations are entirely free with no obligation. Our Debt Negotiation fees are performance-based, meaning clients pay our company no fees until a debt is negotiated and settled. Our settlement fees are a flat 15% of your enrolled debt and are factored into your new affordable monthly program payment. Most Debt Relief companies charge 25% of your enrolled debt, making our settlement fees 40% LOWER than most other companies. Our fees do not include any optional third-party fees administered by a separate provider.

It is illegal for any company to make such a guarantee. We will provide a realistic good-faith estimation using historical settlements from nearly two decades of experience and factoring in the specific creditors you owe. We have found it common for many other companies to make unrealistic claims and “bait and switch” their clients. These tactics are often uncovered by reading the Better Business Bureau complaints. One of the largest out-of-state Debt Relief companies was sued by the federal government and several state governments for charging high fees and providing unrealistic outcomes. Our goal is for our clients to graduate sooner than estimated as much as possible, although some clients will be enrolled longer than estimated due to a variety of factors. Affordable Debt Consolidation will not give you an unrealistic expectation to convince you to enroll. Speak to one of our Texas Debt Specialists if you want an honest evaluation. We will always work hard on your behalf to save you the most money possible.

Credit Counseling is a type of Debt Management that can lower your interest rates with credit card debt and some installment loans while providing one monthly payment. It is a form of Debt Consolidation that does not require a new loan. Credit Counseling and Debt Negotiation are both considered hardship programs, but Credit Counseling does not negotiate the balances. Only the interest rates are reduced. We have an arrangement with a highly rated non-profit Credit Counselor if you want to pursue this option.

Affordable Debt Consolidation believes we provide Texans with the best deal available. Texans designed our Texas Debt Relief program and created it exclusively for Texans. Out-of-state companies usually charge 25% of your enrolled debt as a “performance” or “contingency” fee. Our Texas Debt Relief service is provided with a 15% fee, meaning you could easily pay 40% higher fees with a competitor.

Since we are a Texas company focused on resolving debt for Texas residents, we have low overhead and provide full-service Debt Negotiation at a lower cost. We only charge performance fees with the amount of debt settled after payment is made towards the settlement.

If you are a Texas resident and qualified for our Debt Negotiation service after a consultation, we will provide you with lower performance fees than any licensed and reputable competitor. If we are unable to offer lower performance fees than a qualified competitor, we will give you a $250 Visa gift card with the following simple requirements:

  1. As state law requires, the competitor is registered with the Texas Office of Consumer Credit Commissioner.
  2. The Better Business Bureau rates the competitor “A” or higher.
  3. We receive verifiable written proof of the competing offer.

The guarantee only applies to our performance fees for Debt Negotiation services and does not apply to any optional third-party service. Please speak to one of our Texas Debt Specialists for more information.

We can enroll credit cards, unsecured installment loans, medical bills, department loans, payday loans, and most other unsecured debts. Our program cannot assist with secured debt, including home and auto loans, unless the collateral has been repossessed. Student loans backed by the department of education are not eligible, but free student loan assistance is available at https://studentaid.gov. We do assist with some private student loans and some business debt. Speak to one of our Texas Debt Specialists for more information.

Enrolling in a Debt Negotiation program alone will not stop creditors or debt collectors from calling you. Even if creditors know they will ultimately receive a settlement in full, individual debt collectors are usually paid a commission based on the amount they collect from you.

Therefore, they may call you directly in attempt to collect more money than our negotiators will arrange. Texas has specific consumer protection laws that protect you in addition to the federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. When enforced, the Texas Finance Code can prevent nearly all harassment from original creditors in addition to third-party debt collectors. Affordable Debt Consolidation has an exclusive and affordable arrangement with who we feel is the highest-rated debt defense attorney in Texas. By retaining the attorney, in addition to our program, Texas law will make it illegal for debt collectors to call you. Instead, they will only be authorized to call the law firm or our settlement representatives.

The legal representation is optional and separate from our Debt Negotiation service. The cost of both services combined may be comparable or less than out-of-state competitors that do not have the ability to offer this type of legal service through a specialized law firm. We do not know of any other company inside or outside Texas that can offer this level of optional legal protection. All other companies we know of can only provide a reactionary legal insurance plan that does not mandate the creditors to talk to a law firm rather than you. If you do not utilize this optional legal service, our negotiation team will help reduce the number of calls you receive as much as possible. However, most creditors and debt collectors will attempt to call you until the debts are settled


Affordable Debt Consolidation is not a lender but offers a platform to receive offers from participating lenders. Debt enrolled in credit counseling generally receives an interest rate between 6% and 11%. Debt negotiation clients who make their scheduled monthly program payments generally experience an approximate 45% reduction of their enrolled balance before fees or approximately a 30% reduction after payment of settlement fees of 15% over an estimated 24-48 month period. Settlement fees and estimates do not include a $9.95 a month special purpose account fee or any optional and separate services such as those provided by Texas attorneys. Individual results vary based on the ability to fund the program and the creditors enrolled. Statements made are examples of past performance and are not intended to guarantee that your balances will be reduced by a specific amount or that you will resolve debt within a specific time period. We do not charge settlement fees until a debt balance is reduced and at least one payment is made to the creditor. We do not assume consumer debt, make monthly payments, or provide tax or legal advice. We are not a credit repair firm.Please contact a tax professional to discuss any possible tax consequences of paying less than the full balance. Programs are available in Texas. Affordable Debt Consolidation is a DBA of Debt Redemption Inc. registered with the Texas Secretary of State.

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